Dunedin Tutor

Theo is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. He is inspired by how limitless the applications of chemistry and other sciences can be, and finds it satisfying to see concepts from various science fields all come together like a jigsaw to give an overarching picture of how our world works.

He aspires to work in research science so that he can learn about things that have not yet been discovered and enjoys sharing this passion for learning with others.

Theo can tutor Chemistry, English, Maths, and Physics. Theo likes to keep in mind the big picture when tutoring. He does this by giving real-life context to concepts and explaining where they come in useful, so the student can see the importance of what they’re learning and be inspired about what they can achieve with what they are learning.

He believes that this develops interest and curiosity in a subject, therefore turning learning from a chore into a passion. Theo also likes to ask probing questions that challenge the student’s thinking and help them learn concepts by using ones they already know and understand well.

He is committed to supporting students to become strong independent learners capable of discovering knowledge wherever they look for it.

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