Dunedin Tutor

Steph is currently completing her post-graduate Bachelor of Science with Honors in Chemistry. She enjoys learning about different science systems and exploring how they connect together to form a larger picture. Steph aspires to work in a Science research-based job where she can apply her critical thinking to improve real-world issues.

Steph can tutor Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English. She believes an important part of tutoring is sparking her students interest and curiosity in a their subjects. She does this by using engaging examples to explain concepts, as well as integrating real-word examples into her lessons so her students understand the importance of what they’re learning.

She enjoys structuring her lessons at a pace that matches her students abilities. As a result her students are able to fully understand their content with a high level of comprehension and retention. Steph is dedicated to helping her students discover their potential as independent learners. She achieves this by asking her students questions to challenge their thinking. This allows them to build on the information they already know to better understand how concepts link together.

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