Dunedin Tutor

May is currently in her first year at the University of Otago studying a Bachelor of Science with a range of chemistry, physics, maths and computer science. She is passionate about guiding students to achieve their academic goals while also helping them gain skills they will need in the future.

May likes to make herself as approachable as possible so that the student feels comfortable enough to ask any questions they may have. As well as this, she makes sure that the lesson is suited to the student by focuses on finding their learning style to best teach them. She believes that it needs to be a two sided relationship in order for the student to gain the most out of their session and does this by promoting active learning. She gets her students to interact in a way where they recite the concepts to her. She does this by getting her students to teach her back the concepts in order to strengthen their understanding of the information taught. This gives her an idea of the progress being made in order to better her teaching from this insightful observation.

May can confidently tutor physics, maths, chemistry, biology, and digital technology. Her viewpoint is that tutoring allows people to not only grow academically, but also mentally as a person who is able to approach and address problems in a new way.

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