Dunedin Tutor

Malia is currently completing her Bachelor of Laws and Arts, majoring in Law and Media Studies. She enjoys learning about all things language-based and exploring the way language affects the world around us. She aspires to enter the legal field and attempt to aid those who are disadvantaged within the justice system. Malia can tutor a range of subjects with confidence, she finds it interesting how all subjects can relate to one another to form a larger picture. She believes an important part of tutoring is engaging with students and teaching them content in a way that relates to their interests. She does this by weaving fun and interesting examples throughout her tutoring drawn from the student’s background.

She enjoys structuring lessons in a way that keeps students interested in the topic, allowing them to enjoy themselves while they advance their understanding of the material. She is dedicated to furthering her students’ learning in a way that not only helps them understand content but also extends their thinking as a learner. She strives to enable development as independent learners, assisting students in their personal growth alongside their journey in NCEA.

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