Dunedin Tutor

Gracie is pursuing a conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Science, focusing on Energy Science and Technology (Physics) and Philosophy. This combination showcases her diverse skills in recognising connections between two traditionally unrelated disciplines. She enjoys the challenges of critical thinking and thinks connecting arts and science will be one of the key ways we will move forward into a more progressive future.

Gracie loves learning and thinks that a love of learning is life-long and not unique to school alone. She wants to share this with students by facilitating the same passion in them and opening their eyes to what is beyond the world of NCEA Standard content: context. Gracie can tutor NCEA Physics, Calculus, Mathematics, English-based subjects, and others. Her comprehensive academic background aligns with the Holistic Model of Learning, something which outlines the key aspects which make every learner unique.

Gracie prefers one-on-one tutoring, which allows her to cater to each student’s specific learning needs and deepen their self-awareness and character. She uses various teaching techniques, including visual aids, practical demonstrations, and simple notes, to match the pace of the student’s learning needs. Gracie strives to build students’ subject literacy from the ground up while keeping lessons fun and engaging.

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