Dunedin Tutor

Gabriel is an outgoing, open-minded, and empathetic tutor. He is a film buff and currently completing his second year of University. Working through a BSci majoring in Psychology, Gabriel is passionate about understanding and helping others. His degree gives him a predominant background in NCEA English and Statistics, but his minor in Food Science also gives him a strong grasp of the NCEA Sciences, particularly Chemistry.

Gabriel has a real world approach to subjects, looking at them from their people-focused impacts. He enjoys approaching subjects from different perspectives to explore them in more detail. In his free time, Gabriel enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with friends. Gabriel aims to provide a student-focused experience in tutoring. Gabriel thinks it is important to develop the skills of his students so that they are empowered to achieve their own goals while also fostering a inquisitive mind that will drive students to continue learning and growing.

Gabriel wants to impart his love for learning onto his students and help them to excel in their own quests for knowledge. Seeing concepts click into place is such an amazing feeling and Gabriel works to help his students achieve that. Fostering a desire to explore the bigger picture leads to lifelong learning, Gabriel works towards this goal with his on own relaxed and fun teaching style so that his students feel comfortable and prepared for their future education.

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