Dunedin Tutor

Emma is currently in their last year of a Genetics degree at the University of Otago, and is planning to continue with post-graduate studies. They are passionate about science, and believe that understanding the molecular details of how the world works brings a whole new level of appreciation for life! Emma’s aspirations as a tutor are to spark a students interest in their studies, while also building practical study skills that will continue to be useful throughout life.

Emma is available to tutor in English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry up to level 3. Emma’s tutoring style is relaxed, patient and encouraging, with an aim to find the strategies unique to each student in order for them to achieve their full potential. There is emphasis on two-way engagement and presenting information in different ways to build in-depth understanding of a subject. This may look like asking the student to ‘explain back’ ideas, practice questions, relating learning to real world examples, simple analogies for complex ideas, drawing diagrams, and checklists of key concepts.

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