Dunedin Tutor

Diana is in her second year of university and is studying medicine. She enjoys tutoring as she finds it very rewarding helping students build their confidence in a subject and also in themselves to achieve something they were initially doubtful of.

She is particularly passionate about science and helping students not only understand how the world around them works, but also spark enthusiasm for them to learn more. One-on-one tutoring allows for personal connections to be build which Diana sees as vital for catering to each student’s academic need, this encompassing their learning style as well as current and future goals.

From her own experiences with learning, she recognises that sometimes the hardest part about study is working out what to actually study to succeed. For this reason, she is a big advocate on making checklists of ‘what I need to know’ in a subject in order to effectively direct learning and make independent study easier.

Diana can tutor Maths, English, Science and Statistics.

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