Dunedin Tutor

Aidan is currently in his third year of medical school at the University of Otago, already having completed a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology). Aidan is able to tutor Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics (Calculus and Statistics) up to Level 3.

As a tutor, Aidan aims to help students learn to integrate all of their knowledge, building on each concept and creating an overall ‘big picture’ of their subjects. During lessons, he also believes teaching students how to properly apply their knowledge in exam situations is just as important as understanding the content. He enjoys the challenge of finding new and interesting ways to explain tricky concepts in lessons, with the hope of making lessons as enjoyable and rewarding for students as possible.

Aidan is an approachable and devoted tutor, with a thorough and methodical work ethic. During lessons he also loves being able to talk about the real-world application to different subjects and concepts.

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