Christchurch Tutor

Zach is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Zach is a passionate life-long learner. He believes that success in education comes when the student learns how to become an effective independent learner.

Zach wants to draw from his own experiences in failure and success to help others learn how they too can develop the skill set of a successful and independent student. In order to achieve this, Zach takes a holistic approach in tutoring which targets many factors potentially impacting the student’s education. Zach can tutor Mathematics, Calculus, and Physics at any level in NCEA.

Zach enjoys one-on-one tutoring because it provides an opportunity to create a learning environment which is suitably tailored to the needs of the student. Zach believes that this approach is highly efficient and best accommodates the potential for a strong tutor-student relationship. Zach likes to make sure that his students understand the big picture. Once the student has an idea of the broader idea, Zach breaks down the content into small pieces, providing diagrams and analogies to help with understanding. He then provides the student with clear strategies to utilise when attacking complex problems. Zach will challenge students to be the best that they can be while providing support along the way.

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