Christchurch Tutor

Vedang is currently studying mechatronics engineering at University of Canterbury. He is currently in his second year of study. Vedang is a very passionate and keen learner. He always loves taking up new opportunities and making the most of them. He is able to pick up things very quickly and able to apply what he has learnt in a meaningful way. Tech is something that he has always enjoyed and brings a lot of passion for this area.

He has a fun, sometimes goofy personality, but is able to get serious and get work done when he has to. He also has knowledge in a broad range of subjects, is reliable, and good with people. The reason Vedang wanted to become a tutor is because he takes a lot of joy from teaching students. He believes by teaching others a subject, you become more knowledgeable in it also. But overall he loves it when a student is able to achieve a goal or accomplish something that they didn’t think they were capable of. Because all that is required is the right help!

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