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Vagdhan is currently in his first year at the University of Canterbury and is studying Bachelor of Science and majoring in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Curiosity and proficiency are the two leading influences for why Vagdhan has chosen to do the courses he is currently engaged in. These include Physics, Maths, Computer Science and Astrophysics.

Vagdhan has demonstrated excellence throughout NCEA and is especially credited for his high-levels of comprehension in Mathematics. Vagdhan is fascinated with space—he hopes to one day utilize the skills that he has acquired through formal education and work in the space industry. He is able to tutor Maths and Chemistry. In his spare time, Vagdhan enjoys composing music on his keyboard and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle by working out regularly.

Vagdhan believes that tutoring is an interdependent learning opportunity and follows the philosophy, “to teach, is to learn twice”. Vagdhan’s tutoring method would be described as flexible. Vagdhan aims to help his students build a positive attitude towards learning and focuses on helping his students learn how to learn and study how to study. Vagdhan ensures to do this by providing the two conditions that encourage students to strive towards success—motivation and consistency. Vagdhan believes that the will to succeed is the number one factor that gives people a drive and a purpose. He incorporates methods that ensure students are perpetually motivated to reach and exceed their potentials. This involves approaching learning in a holistic manner i.e looking at all the factors that influence the student’s learning whether this be methods of studying, relationships with teachers, subject knowledge etc.

Vagdhan ensures that students are performing at and above their own expectations by approaching success in an objective manner i.e getting students to set goals and helping them measure their own success by seeing how close they are to the goals that they set. This will allow Vagdhan to either continue the current methods of tutoring or change it according to the student’s weaknesses.

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