Christchurch Tutor

Tamara is currently in her third year studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Chemical and Process Engineering, at Canterbury University. Tamara is looking to head into work that will have a positive environmental and social impact on the world. She enjoys learning across many subject areas and being able to share her knowledge to help others on both a personal and global scale. Tamara is available to tutor English, Calculus, Physics, Art History, and General Science.

Tamara is passionate about tutoring as a way to support young people to develop and fulfil their goals. As a keen musician and community member Tamara understands that academics are not always the sole focus of the student, she strongly values the way that the holistic model utilised by Inspiration Education focuses on the bigger picture of learning. She seeks to understand each students motivation to learn in order to best work together to achieve their goals.

Tamara enjoys the opportunity to connect with each of her students and develop the most suitable teaching methods for the individual. She allows the student to led the direction of each session, a chance for the student to take charge of their learning and build their confidence. She likes to incorporate visual techniques as an alternative way of displaying concepts. Tamara is encouraging and patient in her approach to teaching, she understands that concepts can take time to grasp. Tamara likes to remind students that excellence is not a destination but rather a continuous journey.

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