Christchurch Tutor

Sarah, a hard-working student at the University of Canterbury, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering with a specialization in Mechatronics. Driven by her passion for mathematics and the physical sciences, she aspires to have a rewarding career that leaves a positive imprint on society through innovative technologies. Sarah is open-minded and has a love for learning new skills, concepts, and viewpoints.

Sarah is an avid crocheter, finding joy in crafting intricate yarn ornaments and clothing. Her commitment to an active lifestyle leads her to frequent the gym for weight training and callisthenics. As a former swimmer and lifeguard, she maintains her aquatic skills by swimming laps at the local pool with friends. In the realm of leisure, she likes to practise guitar, skateboard, and indulge in her favourite TV shows. Sarah’s teaching style is characterized by her understanding and appreciation for the individuality of each student. Recognizing that every student possesses distinct strengths and passions, she approaches her role as an academic consultant with a commitment to adapt and evolve with her student on a personal basis.

Sarah firmly believes in tailoring her teaching methods to suit the specific needs and learning preferences of her students. This student-centric approach not only fosters a more engaging and effective learning experience but also underscores her dedication to helping each student reach their full potential. She prioritizes learning methods such as active recall, abstract problem-solving, and multi-sensory approaches in order to guide her students to their full potential.

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