Christchurch Tutor

Mia is currently a student at the University of Canterbury, completing her third year of a Mechanical Engineering degree with Honours. She is a down to earth, studious, and focused person- who enjoys spending her free time participating in her extracurricular hobbies. These include baking, skiing, and painting. When she’s not doing these, you will likely find her at some sort of social event or wandering around the Canterbury gardens. She can tutor Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Math.

She is a supportive and empathetic person who enjoys being around people, and helping others become the best versions of themselves. Mia enjoys challenging herself and others and is willing to take on any task to help improve the people around her or herself. She likes to connect with students to help better understand the ways she can further their learning and skills- to set them up for whatever path they may choose after high-school.

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