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Johanna is a second year student who is studying a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in English and Philosophy and minoring in German. Johanna loves the way Philosophy and English examines and explores culture and society, challenging her in the way she thinks about the world. She is aspiring to be an English teacher as she is passionate about teaching young people and believes that a good teacher can make a lasting positive impact in the life of an individual. Johanna can tutor English and History.

In her spare time Johanna adventures outdoors going tramping, rock climbing or surfing. Johanna is bubbly and energetic, making her very approachable.

Johanna’s tutoring is tailored to suit the needs of each student and she is passionate about nurturing a love for learning within each of her students. She is well-organised and believes that part of making learning successful is setting goals and managing time well, so this is something she pushes for in her lessons, because she believes setting goals can motivate students in their learning, help them develop a growth mindset and see direct progress by achieving these goals. Johanna is excited by the idea of helping her students in their educational journey to reach their full potential, learn life long skills and develop a deep passion and love for learning.

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