Christchurch Tutor

Jasper is in his first year student undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering and a Diploma of Global Humanitarian Engineering at the University of Canterbury. He has a keen interest in understanding the world around him and loves to apply physics and math to solve theoretical problems seem in the real world. He is capable of tutoring Physics, Math, and Chemistry.

In his spare time, Jasper loves chase thrills, going bouldering, skiing, and mountain biking. He equally likes snuggling up with a book and a hot chocolate and reading the evening away. He plays and umpires hockey. Jasper believes that the best way to learn is to see how new concepts interact with things we already know. Jasper sees tutoring as a way to personalise content to a learner, providing examples relating to what students are interested in or have an in-depth understanding in. He will tailor each session to the interests of his student, and loves to use practical examples when possible, or break concepts down to their roots so students can understand the simple processes behind complex concepts.

Jasper believes that passion is an essential part of being a good tutor, and hopes that this eagerness for learning is picked by his students. Jasper enjoys seeing his students do well, and will celebrate all of their wins with them, from learning a skill they’ve struggled with to doing well in their assessments.

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