Christchurch Tutor

Jack is currently studying engineering as a first year with hopes of breaking into the software development field at the University of Canterbury. Jack loves the idea of methodically approaching problems and the process of finding solutions to real world problems. He has a strong belief that everyone can succeed in their educational career by learning the strategies that create a critical thinking mind.

Jack constantly pushes towards having a complete understanding of the concepts being taught and loves to celebrate the success of students as they understand the topics presented. Jack strives to empower his students and give them the self confidence to go into an exam feeling happy with their ability. He wants students to be able to find enjoyment in their studies and to help students foster a knowledge seeking mindset. Jack can tutor Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry for all high school students.

He believes the key to learning this topics is to see how they interlace with each other and make connections between them and the real world. Students studying with Jack will be given initially challenging problems that will be broken down into small chunks and the concepts will be thoroughly taught with example scenarios and the logical thinking that goes behind them.

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