Christchurch Tutor

Emma is a fourth year student who is studying for a Bachelor of Arts, triple majoring in Art History, Philosophy and English Literature. Emma believes that studying the arts is key to understanding how ideas are constructed and are really important to gain analytical and problem-solving skills to help navigate an ever-changing world. She thinks that ideas shape the society we live in, and the way we view the world and would love to work in a capacity that stimulates public interest in the arts.

In her spare time, Emma loves to immerse herself in popular and high culture, whether its live music, art galleries, museums, crafting, opera, dressmaking, ballet or watching TV and film. She also loves to travel as much as she is able.

Emma can tutor English, History, Art History, Classics, French and German. She likes to apply real-world, relevant examples to abstract concepts to bring subjects to life for her students. Ultimately, she wants students to enjoy their learning experience and to aid them in finding an approach to study that suits their needs. She is committed to encouraging a positive mindset in her students that gives them confidence, motivation and self-management that will stay with them throughout their education, and their lives.

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