Christchurch Tutor

Dean is currently studying Natural Resource Engineering at the University of Canterbury. They are currently in their 4th year of tertiary study and plan on pursuing a masters degree in water science and management. Dean enjoys learning about the small intricate systems that make up our world and how they all fit together. They are available to tutor Physics, Mathematics, Calculus and Chemistry up to NCEA level 3. They really enjoy the applications of these subjects, and how growing an understanding of them can help explain how things work in the world. They also enjoy solving challenging problems by breaking them down into manageable chunks.

In their free time Dean enjoys board games, Dungeons and Dragons, tramping and generally being outside. They are mildly introverted but are friendly and supportive and can generally match the energy of the person they are trying to communicate with. Dean enjoys the one-on-one nature of tutoring as it helps focus the session into translating the material into the best consumable form for their student.

They enjoy working out the fundamental gaps in knowledge and trying to fill them with memorable and understandable examples and metaphors. They then try to break down the process required in each problem to approachable key steps and work through them with the student. Dean’s ultimate goal as a tutor is to empower students with the belief that they can set and achieve goals in their education, using their understanding of the context as a baseline that they can build on and grow using self-motivated study.

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