Christchurch Tutor

Catherine is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and Bachelor of Health Science (BSc) majoring in Public Health. Catherine is very enthusiastic about tutoring and is passionate about providing an encouraging learning space for students to thrive in their academic abilities as well as gain valuable life skills.

Catherine is looking to pursue a career as a lawyer within the health system, to make a structural change creating a more equitable, accessible, and people-centered health system. She seeks to understand each student’s personal motivations and connect with them to be inspired about what they can achieve with what they are learning. She does this through. real-world examples and practical experiments to help students to engage with academic materials and help them make connections to why they learn or what role it will play in the future.

Catherine is outgoing and really enjoys the opportunity to interact with students. She wants to ensure the student feels comfortable enough to ask questions as engaging with concepts helps students to grow not only academically but in confidence too. She understands that a student’s life can be demanding and emphasizes the importance of a balanced lifestyle between study and external factors outside the classroom.

Catherine has extensive tutoring and test preparation experience. She has assisted many students in preparing for NCEA exams. She is dedicated to taking her time to carefully break down content in a way that is easy to grasp, and from her own learning experience she understands students can be overwhelmed by the daunting amount of content. Catherine can confidently tutor English, Math’s, Statistics, Science, Biology, Chemistry and Music. Catherine believes that cultivating a growth mindset, laying core foundational skills, study habits and self-management will create an important foundation that will ensure success.

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