Christchurch Tutor

Calliope is a second-year Bachelor of Science at the University of Canterbury. Majoring in Biological Science and Psychology, she is fascinated by the diversity in both the animal world and human society. She is able to tutor English, Biology, Physics, Humanities, History and General Science. She is also open to Online tutoring sessions.

In her free time Calliope is a freelance translator, illustrator and volunteer at Teece Museum. She is also into anime and open-world games. Calliope believes the current education system needs a lot more inclusiveness and individual focus. She invests time to guide her students based on their individual goals and interests, as well as building transferrable skills: From Goal setting, Motivation and Study methods to Stress Management and How to build confidence in learning.

Calliope aims to provide a causal, engaging and individual focused learning environment. One-on-one tutoring gives her the flexibility to adjust her pacing and delivery methods for each student, so that they feel comfortable and engaged to make the most out of their session. She highly values working together to set and achieve goals, as well as present the fun side of each subject of the student wants to explore content beyond the curricular standards.

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