Christchurch Tutor

Azmarah is a third year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Canterbury. She chose Engineering as she wants to specialise in Renewable Energy and she feels studying Engineering will give her the skills and expertise needed to do this. Azmarah is enjoying her course and loves the challenges and hard work involved in Engineering. She has always enjoyed Mathematics and Science and therefore tutors Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Calculus and English.

In her free time, Azmarah enjoys skiing, tramping, and anything outdoorsy. Azmarah is easy to talk to and wants her students to feel comfortable to talk to her about all aspects of their learning. Since she has only recently graduated from high school, she understands what it’s like to be an NCEA student and therefore knows what methods can be used to learn the material and skills needed so students can answer any question that comes their way. She knows that every student is different and therefore will adapt her tutoring style to fit the student. She likes to relate things to real world situations so students can put their knowledge into context and see why they are learning these skills and concepts.

Azmarah believes strongly in hard work and will encourage her students to push themselves to do their best. This can be achieved by setting goals and reviewing them regularly to ensure the student is achieving to the best of their ability. Azmarah is excited to empower students to become independent learners and help them to exceed their expectations of themselves.

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