Christchurch Tutor

Originally from North Auckland, André is currently studying engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, and hopes to specialise in the civil field. Enthusiastic, practical, and always up for a challenge, André loves to discuss and explore ideas, particularly ones that involve problem solving and topics of depth. André enjoys spending his spare time outdoors, exploring, hiking, and playing sport. He is an avid pianist and aspiring guitarist, keen reader and photographer. He is a passionate tutor driven to help empower the student’s ability to independently learn, and will be invested in them, their interests, and their future.

As a tutor of NCEA Biology, English, Physics and Mathematics, André desires for his students to thrive and succeed in whichever path they find their passion, and will facilitate the necessary tools and skills. Every lesson is specifically tailored to each individual student’s needs, and this shapes the lesson approach and structure, ensuring that maximum effectiveness is achieved. All of this is planned in a way that encourages independently learning, and focusses on building good habits that will be beneficial throughout the student’s study, as well as throughout life.

Whether it be the content, self-management, or the context and bigger picture of what the student is trying to achieve, André will employ teaching techniques and strategies that will not only identify and improve points of weakness, but also encourage and build on areas of strength.

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