Christchurch Tutor

Amy is currently in her fourth year of Civil Engineering at UC. Amy believes that education is such a vital tool when it comes to empowering students to face the complex and ever-changing world around us. Amy is passionate about science and mathematics as she believes these subjects teach students critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills can be applied beyond the examination room and are highly useful in everyday life. Amy can tutor NCEA Level 1 maths, science, accounting and level 3 calculus, physics and accounting.

Amy is an enthusiastic and positive tutor who will push her students to perform and achieve at their greatest potential. She loves working for Inspiration Education as she gets the chance to help students become strong independent learners who are excited about their education. From her experience as a Tuakana Prefect, gymnastics coach and RDA volunteer Amy has worked with all sort of people and is capable of thinking outside of the box to tailor her tutoring approach to meet the specific needs of her students.

Outside of study Amy’s hobbies include music, horses, exercise and spending time with friends and family. As a pragmatic person, Amy likes to structure her tutoring sessions according to the goals set by her students. These could be but are not limited to: improving examination technique, gaining a deeper conceptual understanding of a specific topic or achieving a particular grade in a subject. Amy is super grateful for the support of her previous tutors and is looking forward to being able to provide this same support to her new students.

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