Christchurch Tutor

Amelie is currently studying at the University of Canterbury, pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering. Originally from Wellington, Amelie now loves living in Canterbury and can often be found up the mountain or exploring Ōtautahi. Amelie has always been fascinated with mathematics and science, and she shares this passion with her students during lessons. She sees these subjects and the skills that they teach us as invaluable tools we can use to understand the world around us.

Amelie is a friendly, enthusiastic, and patient tutor who specializes mathematics, chemistry, and physics. During lessons, Amelie incorporates a range of visual and verbal techniques into her tutoring, as well as real-world problems and examples, to help her students gain a comprehensive understanding of tricky concepts. She understands that every student has a different approach to learning, and she supports each student’s personal needs with a highly student-centric tutoring approach.

Amelie’s objective as a tutor is to inspire her students to harness their education as a means to shape their future. While Amelie places emphasis on learning applicable skills and critical thinking techniques, she also possesses in-depth knowledge of the NCEA curriculum and exam techniques. Drawing from her own experience with NCEA, she offers valuable insights, tips, and techniques to share with her students.

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