Siyuan Li

Auckland Tutor

Siyuan is a postgraduate honours student in chemistry at the University of Auckland, and previously attended the University of Waikato. His current research involves developing reactions to make medicinally important compounds, and in the future he hopes to work in industry as a medicinal chemist. 

Siyuan is available to tutor English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Economics. Siyuan is very passionate about empowering students. He believes that to do this effectively, all factors that affect a student’s education should be taken into account and places an emphasis on helping them improve their confidence. 

In addition to clear explanations and checking a student’s understanding, Siyuan hopes to help students improve their study skills and organisation. As a student of the NCEA and Cambridge systems, he understands what is expected in assessments but is also sure to draw on his own knowledge to teach the context of the subjects and inspire interest in them.

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