Samantha S

Auckland Tutor

Samantha is currently in her second year pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Auckland, majoring in Population Health. She is passionate about in how social determinants interact to produce the many dimensions of personal and public health, especially from a cultural standpoint. 

Samantha enjoys the intersection of science and English skills through her degree, and has been interested in these areas since high school. 

Samantha is confident in tutoring NCEA English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. Samantha is enthusiastic about helping students realise their own potential, empowering them to love learning. She aims to create a warm and supporting environment with a tutoring experience unique to each student’s goals, interests and motivations. She understands that student life can be demanding emphasising the importance of balancing study and other factors outside of the classroom. 

Samantha loves tutoring as it provides a safe space for students to tackle their own challenges, giving them an opportunity to grow in a meaningful way. In her tutoring lessons, Samantha believes that breaking content into simpler pieces and delivering information in a variety of ways are useful tools to build a strong understanding of a wider picture. By offering new perspectives of subjects and making this relevant to the context of each student, she hopes to instil curiosity and inquisitiveness. She also encourages self-reflection as a powerful tool for constant improvement. 

Samantha believes that having strong foundational skills, not just in content knowledge, but in mindset, study habits and self-management are essential to success.

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