Auckland Tutor

Robin is a student at the University of Auckland studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science conjoint degree, majoring in Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science. Robin has a passion for mathematics and economics and finds that the conjoint degree structure allows him to combine his two interests and analyse economic concepts from a quantitative perspective. 

In the future, Robin aims to work in the policy research field. Robin loves to get involved in a variety of sporting activities including tennis, badminton and Muay Thai. Alongside this, Robin loves to write poetry in his spare time. In the past, he has written about contemporary issues such as the impacts of fast-food on society and poverty in Auckland. 

Robin is able to teach Mathematics (Calculus and Statistics), Physics, Chemistry, English, Economics and Accounting. Having graduated recently from high school as an NZQA Outstanding Scholar recipient, Robin understands exactly what the NCEA curriculum requires from students. 

Robin creates fun and engaging lessons for students where he teaches subject content and helps students express their understanding in a clear and logical manner. Alongside content teaching, Robin helps develop fundamental skills such as question comprehension, problem-solving and writing coherent answers.

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