Auckland Tutor

Mina is working towards a Bachelor of Science at Auckland University, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. She studied under the Cambridge curriculum in high school, and enjoys tutoring Cambridge students. Computer science has been a passion of hers for some time now, and she is excited to pursue it in formal education. 

Mina grew up in Auckland, and is grateful to be studying and working in such a familiar place, though she looks forward to exploring more of New Zealand in the future. 

Mina enjoys meeting new people, and loves being able to learn something new from the everyone, especially when that something is outside her own field of study. She also has a great deal of respect for those who are hardworking, and admires perseverance in the face of difficult or arduous challenges. 

Since Mina first began studying computer science, she has spent much of her own time working on personal projects in the field, from which she has gained some invaluable experience. Besides computer science, Mina enjoys reading, drawing, and spending time in New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors. 

As a tutor, Mina likes to encourage her students to engage with the material at hand and to take an interest in studying it. Often she tries to present topics or concepts in ways that a student may find relevant or compelling. 

Mina also finds that one of the best methods is to lead by example, so she always approach a lesson with a positive attitude towards the material and an engaged frame of mind. Having been a student herself, Mina can relate to her tutee’s struggles, and is always eager to share advice and knowledge she has gleaned from experience.

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