Lily Rose

Auckland Tutor

Lily Rose is in her second year studying a Law and Commerce conjoint (majoring in Economics and Finance) at the University of Auckland. She has always been curious about how people interact with their resources and each other. She believes that education is the key to unlocking life’s challenging questions and aims to share her passion for learning with her students. 

Lily Rose can tutor English, Maths, History, Economics and Biology. Her lessons focus on breaking down complex concepts into digestible pieces so that students feel confident in applying their knowledge to exams and everyday life. She is an outgoing and bubbly person and is excited to meet her students! Lily Rose’s tutoring style is flexible and adapts to the learning needs of each student. She appreciates that all students are unique and are faced with different obstacles, both academically and personally. 

Although her teaching approach varies for each student, one thing remains the same: all of her students set realistic yet challenging goals and are continually striving to achieve them. She hopes that she can empower students with the skills to take charge of their learning and foster a growth mindset to ensure long-term success.

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