Auckland Tutor

Josie fell in love with maths and science in high school, and also developed a passion for languages. A Wellingtonian at heart, she moved to Auckland to pursue a conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science majoring in physics, mathematics and Chinese. Outside of her studies, Josie can often be found at the beach or in a good coffee shop. Josie brings her smile and positive attitude to every lesson, sharing her enthusiasm for learning with her students. She sees education as not only a tool for the future but a way to broaden your mindset and understand perspectives outside your own. 

Her teaching style varies according to the needs and preferences of her students but tends to involve a lot of visual aids – diagrams, sketches and models. This helps students to form a more intuitive understanding of concepts, resulting in less of a need for rote memorisation. As well as fostering a strong understanding of the content, Josie understands the intricacies of NCEA marking schedules and exam technique. 

She incorporates tips and tricks into her lessons to help students succeed in this regard. Josie is confident tutoring English and science up to NCEA Level 1, and maths and physics up to Level 3. She is also keen to take on students studying Chinese or French.

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