Premium, one-on-one Science tutoring for high school students in Auckland

Our Science tutors will help your child:

Break complex problems down into manageable chunks

Fill gaps in their knowledge from previous years

Know how to confidently answer NCEA Science questions

Develop a strong intuition for Science subjects

Complete assignments and practice tests with supervised support on hand

Understand the subject’s relevance to the world around them


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Of our students achieve NCEA with a Merit or Excellence endorsement

Our top tips to excel in Science

Build a solid foundation

Take your time when learning the basics of science. While it might seem simple, learning more difficult content when students don’t have a firm grasp of the basics will hold them back. If they continue science in Level 2 NCEA, all their content will be built upon what they learn in Level 1, so they need to make sure they build strong foundations of the basics.

Study using past exams

This is crucial in the first year of NCEA as students are still unfamiliar with the system and how it tests students. In order to best utilise the exam paper as an opportunity to test themselves, students should put themselves in exam conditions (e.g no phone, and no distractions for an hour), time themselves on each question, and not look at the marking schedule for help until after they have finished the exam.

Always give it your best shot

Science can be really difficult, and it can seem like it is impossible to learn everything. If students come across a question in an exam that they feel they don’t have the perfect or correct answer for, they should still try to write something. NCEA can give marks even for just writing definitions, or identifying the right equation even if the answer is wrong! Make the most of this generous marking! 

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“Jacob has done amazingly with Sam. Makes the tutoring fun and easy to learn. Has been the best thing I could have done for Sam.“

– CHERIE, Parent, Science Tutoring

“From the very first lesson, Luke was ‘inspired to learn’.“

– LISA, Parent, Palmerston North

“My son found his tutor highly compatible and adaptable to his needs. A range of subjects were covered and the progress he made in these sessions made him query why he wasn’t learning at the same speed at school. I highly recommend IE to any parent.“

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“Inspiration Education has provided a great grounding for our boys and increased their confidence considerably. Nothing beats one on one tutoring!“

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