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Ensure your child’s success in their exams with our exam packages.

Exams can be a source of anxiety, stress and procrastination for many students. With term-four exams approaching, a great way to ensure your child is ready for achievement is with our tailored exam packages.

Inspiration Education’s academic coaching not only ensures better grades, but equips them with skills for life. Join thousands of empowered kiwi high school students using Inspiration Education to unlock their potential. Our expert NCEA tutors know the system, and understand exactly what it takes to achieve at a Merit and Excellence level. Exam packages with us offer more than conventional tutoring, they are designed to ensure the student is prepared from all possible angles – from conducting targeted past-paper practices to advice on managing anxiety under pressure.

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We won’t charge you for the package of your choice unless you are happy after the first initial lesson.

Just after a one-off lesson?

We offer one-off tutoring lessons at a rate of $90 per lesson.
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Our academic coaches will work with your child to:

Make a study ‘game plan’ that is catered to your child’s needs and learning techniques.
Develop the skills and understanding of content necessary to achieve in each subject, with additional support for answering the more difficult Merit and Excellence questions.
Streamline the exam content, and lay out exactly what the student needs to know for each exam.
Conduct practice exams, complete with accurate marking and feedback for improvement.
Learn and practice the most effective exam techniques and performance strategies.
Help the student to arrange a study schedule that is both efficient and attainable for study outside of tutoring.
Identify any mental hurdles that the student is facing and help them to overcome them.

Our tutors are staff. We invest in them.

We’re the only tutoring company in New Zealand that invests in our tutors with professional development and training. Our tutors aren’t contract workers—they’re employees, and we invest in them with more than 25 hours of professional development annually.

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We won’t charge you for the package of your choice unless you are happy after the first initial lesson.