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Tutoring is an investment—in your child and in the future.

Our tuition programme has various packages which are designed for convenience, support, and your child’s success.

Don’t see what you’re looking for, or have special circumstances? Talk to us about a custom plan that meets your needs and budgets.

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Casual Lessons

Casual lessons are for one-off emergency assessment help. Casual lessons do not come with a complementary meet and greet lesson or personalised study plan.

Casual lessons are $75 per lesson

Custom Packages

Contact us to create a plan to prepare for an assessment, getting tutoring with two students at once, or any other special situation.

$0 Introductory Session

Our packages come with a Free Introductory Session to meet the tutor, set goals and come up with strategies to implement throughout the tutoring sessions.

All of our tutoring packages give students:


30-minute free introductory session to set goals and strategies


A tutor well-matched to your child’s needs, skills, age, and learning style


Weekly 55-minute tutoring session—the optimal length to encourage student focus and regular progress


Comprehensive parent communication and feedback post-session


Flexibility for rescheduling when necessary


Online portal to stay in touch with your tutor between lessons

Our tutors are staff. We invest in them.

We’re the only tutoring company in New Zealand that invests in our tutors with professional development and training. Our tutors aren’t contract workers—they’re employees, and we invest in them with more than 25 hours of professional development annually.

Easy payment by:

Credit card, cheque or internet banking

Over 1000 Inspired Students

And many more happy parents

Pay in advance to receive discounted rates

9% for a year in advance
5% for half year in advance
2% for 2 months in advance

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Our tutoring packages come with a Free Introductory Session to set goals and come up with strategies to implement throughout the tutoring sessions