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Radio Live

17 January 2017

William Guzzo talks about the pressure students feel to achieve good exam results, framing failures as opportunities, and the importance of celebrating success. He also shares the story behind his company’s founding and his passion for helping kids learn and succeed.

NCEA Results: Remember Bill Gates and Walt Disney if your results aren’t as expected

NZ Herald

18 January 2017

As NCEA exam results come in, William Guzzo offers tips to turn disappointing results into excellent grades next year. Post-exam analysis, including asking yourself questions about where you went in your answers, your exam prep, and analysing where you were successful and why can all lay the foundation for better future study. “I wasn’t the most intelligent student at school, but having simple strategies and seeing failures as an opportunity to improve resulted in long-term success.”

Survey Finds Constant Assessments Causing Student Stress

Indian Weekender

9 July 2015

An Inspiration Education survey of New Zealand high school students found that more than 2/3 experience stress and anxiety about exams and assessments. “Learning is more than books and exams; it should be about discovering more about both the universe and more about yourself,” Guzzo says.

Jacob's NCEA Exam Tips


November 2016

Inspiration Education tutor Jacob McGregor talks strategy in preparation for the NCEA exam. He breaks student test anxiety and prep into small, achievable tasks easily managed one at a time.

“The Challenges of NCEA”

NZ Herald

20 January 2017

This article examines the difficulties that the NCEA exams present for teachers, administrators, and students.  Quoted, William Guzzo notes, “schools are doing a good job of teaching the curriculum, but there’s more to succeeding in exams than just knowing the subject. Time and time again, we get new students coming to us for help, in tears about their exams results. They’ve all been let down not by a lack of subject knowledge, but by a lack of exam strategy.”

How to Find and Follow Your Passion


8 August 2013

In this guest post on the Lifehacker blog, William Guzzo talks about his strategy for steering young people towards their passions. “Young people, like all of us, need something to go towards….they’re looking for a passion to hang on, they are looking for self-expression.”

Kiwi Students Not Prepared, Lack Strategy

Techday Educators

18 January 2017

William Guzzo cautions that teachers and parents should put NCEA results in perspective. “Schools are doing a good job of teaching the curriculum, but there’s more to succeeding in exams than just knowing the subject,” says Guzzo. “Preparing for exams should be like preparing for a rugby match; you need to have a good strategy to come out on top.”

Op-Ed: NCEA Results are in—here’s how to help your child copy


15 January 2016

In this “letter to the editor,” William Guzzo shares some tips for parents to help children cope with NCEA test results, including keeping perspective on marks, praising effort, and reframing failure as future opportunity.

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