Better Chemistry grades today. Empowered for life.


Personalised, one-on-one Chemistry tutoring for Christchurch high school students.

• Revamp your teen’s Chemistry grades and mindset.
• Equip your child with strategies for Chemistry and life.
• High-achieving and empathetic Chemistry tutors who excel and undergo continuous training.
• A Wellington based Chemistry tutor selected for your child’s unique needs and personality.


    Better Chemistry grades today. Empowered for life.


    Personalised, one-on-one Chemistry tutoring for Christchurch high school students.

      Why Christchurch families choose Inspiration Education for Chemistry tutoring

      We look at all the areas that might be holding your child back at school and equip them with strategies to overcome these.

      Each member of our Christchurch-based Chemistry tutoring team have gone through at least 25 hours of in-house training, and receive regular coaching, feedback, and support.

      We’re experts at connecting with young people, and we break things down on your child’s level.

      You’ll get targeted feedback after every lesson.

      Our success rate says it all — 82.35% of our NCEA students endorse with merit or excellence and 98.2% of customers recommend us to a friend.

      Our Christchurch Chemistry Tutors






      Of our customers would recommend us to a friend


      Of our students achieve NCEA with a Merit or Excellence endorsement

      Our Christchurch team can tutor in the following Chemistry curricula

      NCEA Level 1 Chemistry

      NCEA Level 2 Chemistry

      NCEA Level 3 Chemistry

      Year 9 and 10 Chemistry

      IB Chemistry

      Trial our tutoring service by booking in a risk-free lesson.

      We want to make sure we’re the best fit for you or your child. For this reason, we offer the first lesson risk-free, with no obligation to commit if you are unhappy with our service. Tell us more about your needs and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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      Our top tips to excel in Chemistry

      Figure out what memorisation techniques work for you and use them to your advantage

      Chemistry requires a fair amount of memorisation. For example, the reaction flowchart for Organics and types of bonds for Structures and Bonding. Methods such as flashcards and mind maps are useful tools to help you remember and recall information. Figure out what method works best for you and use this to aid in your study.

      See if you can explain concepts to a friend to test your understanding

      Practicing questions is mostly useful to test and develop understanding. You learn content by having it explained to you or reading about it. Afterwards, you complete questions that test your understanding. You can challenge yourself by completing a range of questions, especially the ones you find hard. 

      Make sure you are familiar with the formula sheet

      You can test your understanding of a concept by explaining it to a friend. It can be really handy to discuss the concepts you have learnt with another student so that you can bounce ideas off each other. This results in both of you attaining a better understanding of the concept.

      Lessons are 55 minutes long.

      Opening Hours

      Lessons usually take place between the following times:

      Monday – Friday: 3pm – 8pm
      Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5pm

      However, we are also able to do other lesson times upon request.

      UC Library

      UC Central Library

      University Dr,


      Christchurch, 8041

      New Zealand

      Upper Riccarton Library

      Upper Riccarton Library

      71 Main S Rd,


      Christchurch, 8042

      New Zealand

      Fendalton Library

      Fendalton Library

      4 Jeffreys Road,


      Christchurch 8052

      What our customers are saying about us

      “Excellent feedback, communication, people management, a real desire to help the child enrolled.“

      – SARAH, Parent, English Tutoring

      “Very communicative tutor, keeps me (the mother) informed of my son’s progress and the timetable. My son is very happy with the tutoring and feels a lot more confident with his maths.“

      – MICHELLE, Parent, Maths Tutoring

      “Jacob has done amazingly with Sam. Makes the tutoring fun and easy to learn. Has been the best thing I could have done for Sam.“

      – CHERIE, Parent, Science Tutoring

      “From the very first lesson, Luke was ‘inspired to learn’.“

      – LISA, Parent, Palmerston North

      “My son found his tutor highly compatible and adaptable to his needs. A range of subjects were covered and the progress he made in these sessions made him query why he wasn’t learning at the same speed at school. I highly recommend IE to any parent.“

      – SARAH, Parent, Palmerston North

      “Inspiration Education has provided a great grounding for our boys and increased their confidence considerably. Nothing beats one on one tutoring!“

      – DARRIN, Parent, Wellington

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