Why the Library?

From time to time people ask us why we conduct all our tutoring at the Library. There are a number of reasons why we choose to do this over in home tutoring like other tutoring companies, but the main reason is because the library is a great place for learning.

The Science Behind the Library

In 2010, we did a scientific experiment using the three most common tutoring locations: at home, at an office or at the library. On average, the students who received tutoring at the library received the highest grades.

The reason why we do tutoring at the library is that provides an excellent tutoring environment without the distractions of home, and without the sterility of an office. 

Having tutoring at the library helps your child to have a focussed state of mind, have fun and be inspired.

Our tutors are so good that one lesson with us is twice as beneficial than with your standard tutor.

You can be confident that you are getting excellent value for money.

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