Useful Resources

At Inspiration Education, we want to help all students achieve success at school. Part of this involves making sure you can study at your best not only in tutoring sessions but at home as well.

Here are a list of useful resources for study:

No Brain Too Small

No Brain Too Small is a revision tool for NCEA Level 1-3 Science featuring revision notes, flashcards, power points, activities and much more.

NCEA Subject Resources

The NZQA website hosts a wide range of resources for all subjects including exemplars, past exams and assessment specifications.


Evernote can be used to create notes for anything you can imagine and share them with friends or family. Scan and upload all your notes to go paperless, create checklists, record right from the smartphone app and more.


Duolingo is an amazing free website where you can learn almost any language.


Quizlet is a website where you can find flashcards that have been made by other students or teachers, or create your own. You can run the flashcards through a series of different exercises to ensure you can remember all the information.

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