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Tom is currently in his second year of studies at Victoria University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science majoring in physics and minoring in maths and electronics and computer systems engineering. Tom loves the way that physics and maths can be used to explain things that we see and experience every day. Tom enjoyed completing the IB diploma program at school and is very excited to tutor other IB students. He can tutor up to IB maths HL and physics HL, and also NCEA level 3 calculus and physics.

Tom finds one on one tutoring very rewarding as it allows him to share his passion for sciences and maths with his students in a more personalised manner. This flexibility allows him to tailor subjects and concepts to each students individual needs so that they can learn more effectively. He wants to ensure that each student has a fundamental understanding of the concepts so that they can properly answer any question they come across. Through doing this Tom hopes that his students will eventually grow to have the same enthusiasm for the subjects as he does.

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