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Symraina is a currently studying towards a Master in public health at the Otago campus in Wellington. Her masters dissertation is a cross-national analysis of high income countries in regards to public health functions. These include aspects such as vaccinations, health policy and health protection. Symraina completed her undergraduate degree in biomedical science making her a suitable tutor for science subjects in NCEA. Additionally Symraina has done economics papers in her post-graduate degree and has strong writing skills making her available to tutor economics and English as well.

Symraina is patient, friendly and approachable but will also push students to reach the best of their abilities. Symraina believes tutoring is extremely beneficial to students due to the tailored experience students are able to receive and that students are not in a peer pressured environment like a classroom. Symraina also believes in obtaining a deep understanding of subjects instead of “rote learning” in order to do gain higher grades in the NCEA curriculum. Symraina loves using the holistic model to assist students in reaching their highest potential.

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