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Siddha is currently in his third year of studying a degree in Finance and Actuarial Science, under a bachelor of Commerce. Siddha is pursuing his passion for mathematics, applying it to the modern world, and solving problems analytically. Siddha is able to tutor Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, and Physics.

Siddha is enjoys tutoring because it provides a one-on-one experience where both participants, student and tutor can grow and learn from each other in a mutually beneficial way. Tutoring also allows the student to more accurately articulate what they find challenging so he can provide the tools to move past roadblocks.

Siddha draws his passion for teaching from helping people discover their own ability to succeed and to push past the limits of their own potential. Siddha likes to demonstrate and adopt a “lead from the front” mentality in how he teaches, providing examples and information through his own actions. He has a strong belief in breaking problems down to their core components and reinforcing basic skills that can be applied to solve them. He believes that pattern recognition is a key skill, such that a student can solve any problem they are presented with if they have seen something similar before.

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