Wellington Tutor

Sarah is a student at Victoria University of Wellington, studying a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Film and Theatre. Sarah has always enjoyed the creative side of these areas, as well as the behind the scenes of how plays and films come together. Sarah has found that her background in maths and physics has improved her logical thinking and problem solving. It has also influenced her knowledge in theatre and film areas like lighting and camera. Having a combination of creative and critical thinking, Sarah is able to apply concepts in an interesting and creative way that benefits students.

Sarah is able to tutor Physics, Calculus, and Media studies up to level 3. Sarah sees tutoring as a way of engaging students who are interested in learning one-on-one, and creating a plan and teaching style that works for them, not against them. It is a way for students to further engage with subjects they are learning at school, and to work on parts which they feel they struggle in.

Sarah likes students to be able to see the full picture of what they are learning, and how it all ties together, either within the subject or the student’s overall education. She is able to work visually and through written practices to help students gain understanding of both base and complex topics.

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