Wellington Tutor

Renee is currently in her third year at Victoria University working towards a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Marine Biology and Ecology and Diversity. She has a great passion for science and enjoys the real world context that a deep knowledge of these topics provide. She is available to tutor science, with her main focus in Biology. She loves inspiring others and enjoys the one-on-one tutoring system that Inspiration Education provides as the holistic model is a powerful tool that allows her to tailor to her students needs.

Renee believes it is important to have a solid base understanding of the subjects before continuing onto more complex topics. She likes to break subjects down in visual ways by presenting diagrams and flowcharts to show how topics are connected so the student is able to grasp a greater undertanding on how the topics relate. By using the holistic model, and creating a solid starting foundation she hopes to help students build confidence in their own knowledge so they are able to enjoy their chosen subject more and apply these strategies to other aspects of their academic life.

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