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Rebekah is currently in her second year at Victoria University studying a Bachelor of Arts. She is majoring in English and Theatre as well as minoring in Film and Creative Writing. Rebekah loves these subjects because they challenge her to think critically, work with others and be creative. She loves subjects with an element of creativity and finds that the ones she enjoys are the ones she succeeds in. Rebekah’s first taste of tutoring was when she was in High School. She loved the feeling she got when the person she was tutoring understood something or when they started to improve and this made her want to do more!

Rebekah wants her students to enjoy the subjects they are studying as this makes them more likely to improve and do well. She believes that you can’t learn properly simply by reading and writing things down. You have to explore ideas in depth and discuss them to really cement them in your head and build on them. Rebekah also believes that learning is more than just content. It’s also about motivation, organisation and a willingness to constantly improve that really can make a difference. She therefore loves the Holistic way of learning that Inspiration Education presents and this will be greatly implemented into her lessons.

Rebekah recognises that every student is different, so she likes to tailor her lessons to her student to make sure they are getting as much out of them as they possibly can. While getting good grades is awesome, she also sees a higher importance in recognising individual growth at school aside from specific grades or in achieving personal goals. This can create a great sense of achievement that’s really motivating!

Rebekah is able to tutor English, History, Classics, Media Studies and Drama to all levels.

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