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Ollie is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Commerce at Victoria University, majoring in Economics and Public Policy. He loves how these subjects can overlap and how they are so relevant to the real world. Ollie firmly believes that his subjects have given him a new perspective with which to see the world.

Ollie is a friendly, approachable and understanding tutor who knows exactly how stressful the NCEA system can be. Having passionately enjoyed his subjects in high school, he wants to be able to impart this knowledge and love of learning on his students. He loves being able to interact with his students and takes great pride in helping them to achieve their goals.

One-on-one tutoring is perfect for Ollie, as it enables him to really tailor each lesson to each student and find out what helps them learn the best. By using Inspiration Education’s holistic model, Ollie can work out the areas (if any) that may be holding back a student’s learning and remove these barriers to unlock the student’s true potential. Ollie uses goal setting and self management skills to build up a student where they can begin learning for enjoyment, rather than just grades.

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