Wellington Tutor

Olive is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics, Spanish and German. Olive enjoys learning new languages and loves subjects that allow her to engage different methods of thinking, especially the multifaceted area of Economics where she enjoys the challenge of combining Mathematics, Philosophy and Politics.

Olive has experience as a mentor for first year students at Victoria University of Wellington. She believes it is in the capacity of a mentor, rather than strictly a tutor, that one can affect change in a student. Olive is an advocate of student-guided learning through asking the student a series of questions mixed that allow them to dissect the problem and begin to think about it critically. She believes this provides them with a sense of accomplishment and builds confidence in the student, while also serving as an indicator of problem areas.

Olive values very highly the holistic model that Inspiration Education champions, and is very keen to implement this in her tutoring to help students develop more effective study skills and techniques in order to become independent learners.

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