Wellington Tutor

Mathias is a second year Software Engineering student at Victoria University. He likes the subject because it brings together creative and logical thinking, and has a lifetime of problems to solve. He believes finding enjoyment in a subject, and seeing how it will fit into one’s life is key to finding self-motivation and success. Mathias has channeled this approach to find success in school, gaining an endorsement at every NCEA level. He is available to tutor Calculus, Mathematics, English, and Physics up to level 3.

Mathias believes in a conversational approach to tutoring, getting right down to what the student doesn’t know and why – once this is found, he is proficient in explaining using a variety of techniques, be it visual, conversational, or otherwise. His understanding of a student’s mindset is his greatest asset in tutoring. Through developing a positive relationship, he can help the student to realize their potential, which he believes everyone has.

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