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Maddie is currently in her second year at Victoria University of Wellington, studying towards a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and minoring in Chemistry. She loves learning about how the world around her works and also has a curiosity and passion for understanding the human mind. She has a strong drive to help people and strives to become a clinical psychologist.

Maddie enjoys tutoring and being able to interact with students one on one as it provides an environment where she can get to know their strengths, weakness, and goals and work with them to foster a greater understanding of the subject. She likes to take a very hands-on and flexible approach where she can tailor her explanations to best relate to each individual student. She finds it very rewarding to watch both the student’s knowledge and their enthusiasm towards the subject grow. Maddie firmly believes that having a curiosity about the world and a want to learn is such a cool skill that will assist the students not only in subjects they struggle with but as they go through life.

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