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Luke is currently in his 4th year of study pursuing a Masters of Architecture at Victoria University. After his Masters, Luke plans to pursue work in sustainable residential building design. Luke enjoys the creativity and freedom involved in a design-based degree and the challenges that these pose.

Luke is able to tutor Mathematics and Physics up to Level 3 (his maths experience is in calculus rather than statistics); his creative outlook and graphics experience allow him to teach and apply these subjects in unique ways. Luke enjoys one-on-one tutoring because it allows him to adjust his teaching style to suit any student on any day. Luke appreciates that being taught by someone of a similar age can be very effective because students are able to talk to him about other matters such as social interests or personal aspirations.

Luke enjoys the process, the challenges and the triumphs involved with learning and aims to push and motivate his students as much as possible. Luke aims to make studying interesting through applying it to real world scenarios such as his many sporting and outdoor hobbies or any common interests he has with a student. Luke understands that every student is different and he strives to find a way to connect with each one and tutor them in the best way that he sees.

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